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Gregory Campbell appreciation


  • Miller, Thornton, McQuaid and Lucic: you like the physical aspect of the game the most of all. Most likely to yell profanities at the screen (this is me)
  • Krejci and Bergy: you are easily impressed by displays of skill and finesse
  •  (Or you are just someone who wants a bruins shirt for the hell of it and Bergeron is the only one you know)
  • Marchy: you cackle when you see chirping and fights after the whistle. As long as your team doesn't get the penalty
  • Krug, Hamilton and Smith: you are either a 13 year old girl OR you are an actual fan who think they are the future of the B's
  • Soderberg: you're an actual fan and that's all there is to it (also me)
  • Eriksson: a "see ya Seguin" type of fan who basically bought this shirt the day Seguin was traded because you thought Eriksson would be another Bergy
  • Kelly: I actually don't know because I've never seen someone wearing a Kelly shirt
  • Paille: you love breakaways and get super excited when they occur
  • Campbell: you love the toughness of hockey players and respect their athletic abilities
  • Boychuk: you just love dem Johnny rockets from the blue line and seeing players get absolutely decked onto the ice
  • Chara: you hate the Habs and Max Pattioretty
  • Seidenberg: you love watching the hopes of forwards die when the puck is poked away, you also cried when he was out for the rest of the year (me again)
  • Rask: you are a hardcore bruins fan who loves to yell "SAVE BY RASK" and it doesn't matter if you are male or female you are attracted to dem Finnish curls
  • Caron: you don't watch hockey